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Resources to Help Pick an Expedition

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    We hope you enjoyed our presentation, and thanks for your interest in joining us on an expedition! This page is packed full of resources to help you get a bit more information on our different projects.

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    Introduction to Operation WallaceaLink
    Introduction to Dissertation/Thesis OptionsLink
    How to pick a Research Assistant ExpeditionLink
    Choosing a Marine Research Assistant ExpeditionLink
    Choosing a Terrestrial Research Assistant ExpeditionLink
    Introduction to FundraisingLink


  • Additional Information

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  • Research Assistant Expeditions

    Croatia Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Dominica Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Guyana Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Honduras Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Indonesia Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Madagascar Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Mexico Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Peru Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    South Africa Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
    Transylvania Research Assistant ExpeditionsLink
  • Dissertation/Thesis Expeditions

    Behaviour DissertationsLink
    Bird DissertationsLink
    Botany, Mycology and Entomology DissertationsLink
    Community EcologyLink
    Conservation ManagementLink
    Environmental Science and Experimental BiologyLink
    Herpetofauna and Genetics DissertationsLink
    Intertidal Ecology DissertationsLink
    Mammal DissertationsLink
    Marine Ecology DissertationsLink
    Primate DissertationsLink
    Spatial Ecology DissertationsLink

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