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For 2022, we will be working in Warapoka, located in Guyana’s Region One, in the Northwest corner of the country. The 600-person community of Warapoka owns 101 km2 of title land nestled within a pristine blackwater river system with lush forests, plentiful fish, and many Amazon giants including anacondas, harpy eagles, and jaguars. This area of Guyana is incredibly remote and can only be reached via charter plane or a long journey in boat and car from Georgetown that even takes you out into the Atlantic to reach the Waini River mouth. Warapoka is surrounded by an unstudied brackish and blackwater river system that brings together rainforest, mangrove swamps, and clay and sand hills. The community is also home to an Agami heron nesting site, offering a rare opportunity to study one of the Amazon’s most beautiful and enigmatic birds up close.

Warapoka is a sub location to Guyana

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