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Guyana is a small South American country with strong cultural and historical ties to the Caribbean Community, resulting in a fascinating blend of influences and traditions. The country sits within the Guiana Shield, which lies just north of the Amazon Basin and is one of the oldest geological formations on the planet. This ecoregion is the most intact frontier rainforest left on Earth and is home to some of the most spectacular wild habitats in South America, including the breathtaking Kaieteur falls. Guyana became independent from the UK in 1966 and unlike any other country in South America, the official language is English. The population of roughly 750,000 is incredibly ethnically diverse, including 9 indigenous tribes, with the populace concentrated primarily in a narrow band along the coast. As a result, more than 80% of Guyana is still covered by forests, and the country is not only one of the most biodiverse areas in the world but also one of the best preserved. This is truly one of the last great bastions of wilderness.

Related Locations

  • Warapoka

    For 2022, we will be working in Warapoka, located in Guyana’s Region One, in the Northwest corner of the country. The 600-person community of Warapoka owns 101 km2 of title land nestled within a pristine blackwater river system with lush forests, plentiful fish, and many ...

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  • Iwokrama River Research Lodge

    All expeditions begin at the Research Lodge, which sits on the bank of the mighty Essequibo river. The journey from Georgetown takes around 8 hours by minibus and includes using a raft to cross the river at the end. Volunteers will stay in the lodge ...

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  • Field Camps

    After leaving the Lodge, teams head out to one of several field camps dotted around the Iwokrama forests. Many of these camps can only be accessed by river and are very remote. Accommodation will be in hammocks (sheltered under a basha - a kind ...

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  • Burro Burro River

    For the last part of the expedition volunteers spend two days surveying whilst traveling along the Burro Burro river in small boats. Accommodation will be in hammocks at field camps along the river which the team will help build and break each day.

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