Fiji is an archipelago of around 300 islands in the South Pacific. The main island where tourism has been well developed is Viti Levu and around 75% of all Fijians live around the coast on this island. Vanua Levu is the second largest island in Fiji but is very different to Viti Levu in that it has been much less developed. The Opwall projects are on the Natewa Peninsula at the south-eastern end of the island and access is along dirt track roads.

Related Locations

  • Moana Camp

    Near the end of the road along the western shoreline lies the picturesque village of Moana. This is the location for another forest camp, setup to allow better access to some of the more remote parts of the peninsula. Accommodation will be in tents ...

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  • Vusaratu Village

    This picturesque village of around 50 households is on the edge of Natewa Bay and backed by the forested mountains of the Natewa peninsula. Volunteers stay here for a couple of nights in homestays with local Fijian families, both to learn about Fijian culture and ...

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  • Natewa Camp

    There is a range of mountains that run down the length of the Natewa peninsula and in the middle of these mountains is a plateau area where the Natewa Camp was established to survey the northern part of the peninsula. Accommodation is in tents ...

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  • Natewa Marine Research and Training Centre

    This centre is on the shores of Natewa bay which is the largest bay in the South Pacific. Incredibly despite the abundance of reefs in the bay and even a 500m deep sea channel in the middle of the bay there has been no ...

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  • Dakuniba Marine Camp

    Dakuniba is one of the most remote and beautiful villages in Fiji. Whilst travelling to this marine site, students will be treated to a stunning view over the village and across the Somosomo Strait. Diving will be all conducted in this area and include ...

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