Ecuador is named after the imaginary line that creates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Although small in size, Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth; it has over 1,600 species of birds alone! Perhaps best known due to the Galapagos Islands, which are 600 miles west off its coast, the archipelago provided Charles Darwin with pivotal observations that would serve as the basis for his theory of evolution by natural selection. As a former colony of Spain, Ecuador’s main language is Spanish.

School Expeditions

Related Locations

  • Sani Research Camp

    The Sani Research Camp is located an hour away by paddled canoe from the Sani Lodge and serves as our center of operations in Sani. This location allows for easy access to the Sani Reserve, which measures over 40,000 hectares in size. Our local staff ...

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  • Highland View Camp

    Located in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, our camp aptly named Highland View camp has incredible views into the town of Puerto Ayora and Santa Fe Island. Highland View is a 4th generation family owned farm turned ecolodge where students will interact with ...

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  • Puerto Ayora Hotel

    Puerto Ayora is the most populous town in the Galapagos Islands. Here, students will be able to explore the bay, fish market, and the Charles Darwin Research Station while staying in a nearby hotel and doing their one-day scuba dives. Students will share dorm ...

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