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Dominica, part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, is known as the 'nature island' of the Caribbean and is unlike the other islands in the Caribbean chain. Highly mountainous, with the highest point being 1,447 masl, Dominica has retained much of its forests and is home to a number of rare and endemic species, including two species of parrot that are only found on the island and nowhere else in the world. Dominica's landscape is also shaped by the geothermal-volcanic activity, from the nine volcanoes that form the island. This activity has produced interesting habitats such as Champagne reef, which is named as such because of the CO2 bubbles that come out of the ground and float up through the water.

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  • Three Rivers Ecolodge

    Three Rivers Ecolodge is located in the east of Dominica, and provides a base for all of our forest research. The site is based where three rivers meet, giving beautiful natural swimming pools, surrounded by rainforest. The camp is a mixture of permanent structures ...

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  • Fort Shirley

    Fort Shirley, a 16th century British fort, provides the facilities for the marine location in Dominica. Students stay in what had originally been the barracks for soldiers, and our lectures take places in the old officer's quarters. Fort Shirley is arguably Dominica most important ...

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