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Borneo is the largest island in Asia and the third largest island in the world. Most of the island is part of Indonesia (known as Kalimantan) but much of the northern shoreline is part of Malaysia and there is also the tiny Kingdom of Brunei that is only 1% of the land area of Borneo. Borneo is on the Asian side of the Wallace line and provides a contrasting site to the long term Opwall research site in Sulawesi in the Wallacea region. The Opwall expeditions are run in East Kalimantan with the first week in the Lesan Conservation Forest south of Berau. After the first week, the group will travel to Derawan Island which involves a 2-hour bus transfer and a 2-hour boat ride.

Related Locations

  • Lesan Protection Forest Camp

    The camp is reached by a long boat ride down the Lesan River (1hour). Accommodation will either be in tents under tarpaulins shelters and on staging that keeps the tents off the floor, or hammocks with mosquito nets, underneath tarpaulin. On site there are ...

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  • Derawan Island

    The marine site is on Derawan island which is a popular dive resort island. Accommodation is cabins overlooking the water with single beds, along with western style toilet and shower facilities. Meals and lectures are taken in the communal area on site which has ...

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  • Lesan Dayak Village

    The starting point for groups is the village of Lesan Dayak. Accomodation is in local houses with a mandi (bathroom) in or near the house, consisting of a traditional squat toilet and bucket style shower. Houses are shared with the local family, and other ...

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