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All About Opwall Research Assistant Projects

Operation Wallacea (Opwall) is a conservation research organisation that is funded by, and relies on, teams of student volunteers who join expeditions for the opportunity to work on real-world research programmes alongside academic researchers.

Most science programmes abroad that deliver research outcomes are funded on a short-term basis by grants with typically tightly restricted aims. Long-term projects covering large bio-geographical scales that can incorporate more than one ecosystem are rare. By adopting a volunteer funded model, Opwall does not suffer from those restrictions and can draw upon researchers from a wide range of different disciplines and academic institutions, and create long-term research projects.

We have a great video below that describes the work that we do. We do have a shorter summary version available, which you can view here.

  • Over 500 Peer Reviewed Publications
  • 14 vertebrate, 38 invertebrate and 4 plant species discovered
  • 3 major protected areas created using our data (with 2 more in process!)
  • Supported more than 80 biodiversity conservation research PhDs
  • Supervised over 1000 undergraduate and masters dissertations
  • Directs $millions every year to on-the-ground conservation and research
  • Alumni includes more than 20,000 volunteers from over 100 countries

Want to get involved?

  • We’re currently looking for people to join us in the summer of 2021!

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